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project name

Mine Subsidence Board - DocuMap

the aim

The Mine Subsidence Board (MSB) realised that it needed to replace its existing Information Management System (IMS) with a more modern, reliable and efficient system. Spatial Intelligence is part of a consortium that won a tender to supply and implement the new IMS. Other members of the consortium include NGIS, Pellion and Alpha West.

The new IMS included Office software, GIS, document/records management and property management software. The new system needed to operate in WAN environment and be easy to use, robust, timely and efficient.

the solution

A solution is based on the following components:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Oracle 9i
  • DocuMap

All of the IMS data is stored in Oracle 9i in a fully replicated system to meet the requirements of the distributed environment. As most of the information that the MSB deals with has a spatial component ESRI's ArcGIS is central to he solution.

DocuMap is a core component of the solution and provides the following for the IMS:
  • GIS viewing and querying - A core tool required by most of the MSB personnel is the GIS viewing and querying tool in DocuMap. This is used to view and query the MSB's large GIS datasets
  • Workflow - DocuMaps' workflow is used by DocuMap and other IMS systems to manage the MSB's business processes
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Integration with the property management system


more details

For more details please use our 'Contact us' page or email us at info@spatialintelligence.com.au