Our Approach

One key ingredient for a successful development project is the agreement to and understanding of the development process by both the client and the developer. Not all projects require the same development process, but all projects should be based around an agreed set of steps and milestones.

The Process

Any application development undertaken by SI will employ our application development process as defined by our Quality Assurance System. This process has been vetted and approved by the NSW Department of Finance and Services when SI was included in the ‘ICT Services Registered Supplier List’ and the ‘ICT Services Advanced Registered Supplier List’. The process is based around the core components of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We will discuss such options as agile and waterfall and, depending on your requirements, suggest an appropiate methodology.

Understanding the Requirements

At the commencement of the project we will undertake a process to ensure they we fully understand the requirements and deliverables as follows:
  • SI will discuss the project and the requirements, design and implementation at a SI internal workshop to identify any points of clarification
  • At a workshop between the client and SI we will discuss the requirements and deliverables with SI seeking clarification on the finer points of the proposed system including user interface design, branding, functionality and content.

Graphic Design and Branding

Our graphic designers will create a look and feel that will:
  • Align with your brand
  • Engage the target audience
  • Be responsive
  • Be user focused
  • Be efficient and simple to use

Branding will be discussed during the design phase. The process will start with:
  • Understanding your branding requirements
  • Discussion with you to understand your target audience
  • Obtaining a list of sites from you that they feel are good and poor examples of the outcomes they are looking for
  • Investigation of similar web sites

Layouts, or mock-ups, of the proposed look and feel, navigation and content will be provided to your during the design phase.

If required, we have a strong team of writers and photographers that can be drawn upon.


Prior to commencement of the final build and after the look and feel (design) has been approved by you we will provide a non-functioning prototype so that you can evaluate the proposed site.

Collaborative and Regular Feedback

We believe in involving the client in the development process as much as possible so that issues are caught early and the solution evolves with client feedback. Our process will include regular:
  • Progress updates
  • Releases as the functionality is built
  • Opportunities for you to provide feedback
  • Interaction with the development team


Testing ensures that the deliverables that we provide satisfy the requirements and takes a number of forms by various parties. The following testing will be undertaken for this project:
  • Ongoing unit testing by the developers as the solution is developed
  • Testing is integrated throughout the project lifecycle. We believe in test early and often
  • Load and performance testing
  • Formal unit tests that are run during development and during regression testing
  • Test cases incorporating both functional and user interface testing are manually run by:
    • SI before handing the project over to you for user acceptance testing (UAT)
    • The client during UAT

SI will assist you during the user acceptance testing phase and resolve any issues found by you that do not satisfy the requirements and/or deliverables.

Support and Maintenance

Once the solution goes live We can provide you with support and maintenance to ensure the on going success of the site.

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