NSW Ministry of Health:
Policies and Claims Information System

PACIS submission website


Claim inspection

project name

NSW Ministry of Health - Policies and Claims Information System.

the aim

To deliver a system that would allow the Ministry of Health (MOH) to collect and report on information about the State of New South Wales Medical Indemnity Insurance Policies and Claims.

the solution

A solution, the Policies and Claims Information System (PACIS), was developed based on the following components:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft .Net
  • ASP.Net
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services

The solution has two main user interfaces:

A web site that:
  • Allows medical indemnity insures to submit their policy and claim information
  • Implements complex data validation rules
  • Provides in depth feedback on submitted data
A Windows application that:
  • Allows the submitted policy and claim information to be inspected
  • Provides a significant number of complex reports
  • Exports data in various formats for upstream reporting


more details

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