Department of Premier and Cabinet:
Events Hub




project name

Events Hub - Department of Premier and Cabinet.

the aim

The Events Hub website is for NSW Government event organisers, agencies and event planners to share information coordinate services and deliver major events safely and successfully. It plays a critical role in the successful organisation of state wide events.

DPC required a new website to replace their existing website. The web site needed to be easy to use, target both desktop and mobile and provide high performance.

the solution

Events Hub is a website that:

  • Manages Meetings, Events, Event Meetings, Organisations and Contacts
  • Provides workflow and approval processes
  • Integrates with Exchange to create and manage Appointments
  • Stores, manages and distributes documents
  • Provides full text search on all site content and documents
  • Integrates with other core systems

The Events Hub website can be viewed at


more details

For more details please use our 'Contact us' page or email us at