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Area of Need

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project name

NSW Ministry of Health - Area of Need

the aim

The Area of Need (AON) program enables a facility to look overseas to recruit a position, where the position could not be filled by someone within Australia. 

NSW Ministry of Health (MOH) had a manual system to collect and process applications, where a facility wished to apply for a position to be declared an Area of Need. They also manually handled applications to extend or modify area of need positions. Microsoft Access was used to capture and report on the data. 

MOH required a solution that would:

  • Remove the need for manual data entry;
  • Store the data centrally;
  • Automate the submission and processing of applications;
  • Be user-friendly for both external facilities and MOH to use.

the solution

The AON application is a web-based application to handle the application and process. It uses the following technologies:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 
  • Windows Server 
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services 
  • ASP.NET 
  • MVC
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Entity Framework
  • Microsoft Office

The AON application allows a Facility to submit an application, an extension or a modification to a position electronically. MOH can process the applications within the AON application and do not need to manually enter the data into a separate database.  There is greater transparency for both facilities and MOH around the data.


more details

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