NSW Ministry of Health:
Waiting Times on the Web

Selecting procedures to display waiting times

Waiting times displayed

Admin site to manage procedures etc

project name

NSW Ministry of Health - Waiting Times on the Web

the aim

NSW Ministry of Health (MoH) provide to the public relevant information about public hospital waiting times and waiting lists. 

MOH required a suitable solution where Waiting Times information could be entered, maintained and published at any time, and a public website is available for the information to be easily searched and accessed. 

the solution

The Waiting Times on the Web (WToW) is a web based application using: 
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 
  • Windows Server 
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 
  • MVC

The Waiting Times application comprises of two components:
  • An admin site where waiting times information can be added and maintained, and 
  • A public website where the public view the waiting times information. 


more details

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